Europe Travel: 9 Tips to keep Hassle-Free Travel

To travel is always a dream for everyone, but various things in the planning of this journey become mess and trouble to plan a foreign trip because we all are afraid of taking risks in life.

There are points of certain aspects as of visa, stay and how to budget the trip in an economic way are the factors which always set step back for the planning agenda.

Travelling in one’s own country is bit cheap and easy but if we need to plan foreign trip then it’s really difficult and when it comes to European countries it’s like raising curtains from once saving because it’s not only the visa that requires attention but requires full-fledged planning for stay, sightseeing, food and various shopping stuff.

So here upon I share my personal experiences which the world which I gained myself and from the experiences of the prior travellers who travelled and shared their experiences for people like us, so that trip not only become memorable but indelible.

Though there are certain things that are to be looked into when we plan the trip but still there are basically five ideas which need to be cared at priority.

Research: basic tool

It is the foremost thing to do when your heart and mind have made the vision of travelling to Europe, study the various experiences shared on google baba, as it is the best and cheapest way to gain knowledge. Prepare the map of the places where you want to travel and stay. Note the local vendors and shopkeepers details as they the best man as like your marriage to guide you on each step. This not only makes your trip economical but also helps you from buying the big and expensive tours from the dealers.

Visa: no more a hassle

When international trip strikes in the mind, visa work makes the mind furious as agents, long lines and certain visits to embassy make one friend.  But when was planning for my trip, I got to know the pleasing thing about visa registration, that now no more to stand in long queues but just under one roof only we can apply for the visa of various countries. We ourself can complete all the formalities by applying online on the Web portal of VFS Global by clicking on the link, it is the international IT company which process the visa for various countries.

You just have to download the form of the country you want to explore and travel, download the form and read the guidelines along with the form and then fill it along with attaching of all the documents, and then take an appointment date as per your convinces and comfort and then visit the embassy.

This whole process consumes very less of individual time and is very convenient as each one can work according to their comfort zone. Individual just have to visit embassy twice once to submit the form and secondly to collect the passport. Remember always keep cash along with you in optimum quantity as we need to furnish visa fees to the office. Further, just click on the link below to clarify all doubts :


Schengen visa: A Boom

The biggest advantage of planning a Europe trip is that it has many countries nearby, so if the trip is planned properly then many places can be travelled in less of time. But again one step back thinking of the consequences of visa formalities but I got you the solution for that also, SCHENGEN VISA takes this one visa and you can travel many countries.

Isn’t it easy and best way, well I find it to be a boom for my short trip planned with limited resources? Hereby I share the link for your ready reference:

Schengen Visa Information


Details: for SCHENGEN VISA

Hey, hey I know you would be panic by looking at the long list of Schengen visa, it demands hotel bookings, flight confirmation and various details but we gotta solution for this too.

Do your all bookings from credit card and mind that while doing so bookings it should be free at collecting end and this you can do by BOOKING.COM, then attach the copy of this with your visa application. All the details of booking and cancellations are mentioned on the Booking.Com web page.

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Advantages of Stop-over

Always book your flights which are connecting and have a stopover of 1-2 days n between. Like if want to visit Sweden, then book for the plan via Amsterdam as it always has a stop-over of 2-3 days so you can see that city too, but this all planning require your research, so pull up your socks for that.

Couch surfing

If adventure is on your to-do list a the top, so doesn’t be sad, you can do all things at economic way by following the Couch surfing facility.

There is certain home stay avail in various countries which provide you with the homestay for 2-3 days but in return, you just have to teach or make them learn something of your speciality.

Europe Travel

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It is kind of a barter system of ancient times as was practised in the Indus civilization. This not only makes you stay you at economic way but also you make certain good relations which can always be used by your friends in their travel.

Check the link for your benefit:

Travelcard: your travel buddy

Usually, in Europe one currency works and there is the huge difference between the Indian and European currency. It cost 75 rupees for 1 euro. So keep the eye on the currency rates, so whenever the currency rate is low just take the forex card if you don’t want to carry much of hard cash. But don’t add much of euros to your forex card as while returning from the trip you need to sell your euros which are sold at less rate. Always use online banking for reloading the forex card.

Local transportation

Use local transportation as it is the best and more prevalent way of travel in European countries to make the travel pass for travelling economically locally. It is valid for 24, 48 and 72 hours depending on which card are your buying.

Travel Light

Always carry less of the luggage when you plan the Europe trip because too much of luggage makes you tired and exhausted and is difficult to manage the things all together. Security of various things become hassle and time-consuming also makes you frustrated at times.

So always feel light at your baggage part. Make a list of the places of visit and then according to that keep the item which makes your luggage light and compressed.

Use technology

When technology has made life easy, so use it to keep it pocket-friendly even, My point is towards making international calls. Always use the wifi hubs whenever points of connecting the people come, it is cheap and pocket-friendly.

Always keep these all point in mind when you plan Europe trip.

It was always in my heart to do international travel, and believe some others even have too, so just by this note extending my hand to all the travellers to make their travel easy, safe and economic.

If you have more Europe Travel Tips to add feel free to comment.

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