I recently went to Barcelona with my family, guided by my own dad. He travels to Barcelona often for work purposes and seeing as he is as much of a lover of good food and wine as I am, I can always count on our family holidays being filled with every foodie’s dream!

So let me take you on a short trip through Barcelona seen from the foodie perspective, sprinkled with some touristic sites here and there. I’ll present Barcelona in three different kinds of restaurants: The edgy one – The best seafood in town – All the meat and Argentinian goodness. Added as well, I’ll also give you two markets where you can buy some of the great food you’ll eat whilst in this amazing city!

 The restaurants:

The edgy restaurant (Neighbourhood: Dreta de Eixample)

If you’re a fan of traditional Spanish dishes but with a modern day twist, go to Etapes restaurant! Be openminded and prepared to give your taste buds an explosion of flavour. From the entry to the dessert, every dish has a very special way of being prepared and if you’re a wine lover, do ask for the special wine menu because you’ll get a different wine for each course and a personal explanation by the owner. They are super passionate about their way of cooking and wine for them is an indispensable part of your experience. Do also engage with them for more info about the dish you choose, I’m sure you’ll be blown away by the thought and concept behind it!


We had, for example, two meat dishes that were cooked for about 17h and had the most mind-blowing flavours combined with one of my new favourite Spanish wines, Carmelo Rodero.

 The neighbourhood of Dreta de Eixample is also a great place to visit the most trendy art galleries and bars in town!

 Location: Etapes Restaurant Carrer d’Enric Granados, 10, 08007 Barcelona, Spanje


The best seafood in town (Neighbourhood: Harbour)

A little more on the high-end side but so worth it if you’re looking for great seafood, prepared in a non-traditional way. All this accompanied by a great view of the harbour and delicious desserts! Like with the previous restaurant, I’d make reservations seeing as these places can fill up really fast. This restaurant is a little more mainstream and bigger than the first one, so if you’re more into cosy places and real personal service, this might not be the best place to go as they have a whopping 3 floors to serve. But nonetheless, the food is of TOP quality!


Little tip to plan your day around this restaurant: Our hotel was situated in the Eixample district which is known for its beautiful architecture. So immerse yourself in the Barcelonian streets around this neighbourhood and walk to the beautiful Parc de la Ciutadella. Here you will find a great mix of people and things to do as the parc is really big! You can then either walk to the restaurant or take the metro to Barceloneta stop. (Closest metro stop to the parc is Ciutadella/Villa Olympica).

 Location: Restaurante Barceloneta: Carrer de L’Escar, 22 | Moll Dels Pescadors, Barcelona

All the Argentinian goodness (Neighbourhood: Eixample)

 This restaurant has become a trusted favourite in our family! The people are super friendly, the chef will always come to your table to have a chat and I still have to get started with the menu!

Although every meat lovers dream, you can still enjoy some vegi plates like their famous empanadas. They have a menu especially for them so you’ll have ample options. I’d even order them anyway because they taste heavenly.

 Now for the meat and wine. Although I’m not the biggest meat eater in daily life, a real Argentinian steak from Gauchos with some grilled verduras (vegetables) can convince me anytime! Their plates might not be the haute cuisine compositions from the first restaurant but it’s all about the taste and the atmosphere. You feel like eating with relatives who happen to cook you the best meat there is and have a wine cellar filled with that good Argentinian red wine. If you like a red wine with a full taste, I can highly suggest a Circus Malbec!

As well as with the other restaurants, be sure to make reservations beforehand!

 Location: Gauchos Restaurante Argentino: Carrer d’Aragó, 235, Barcelona

 The markets:

Now for those who want to take a little piece of the tasty Barcelonian food with them, here are two markets where you can immerse yourself in all that goodness.

The tourist hotspot: Mercat de la Boqueria

 Situated alongside the immensely touristic La Rambla, you’ll find probably the most well-known market in Barcelona, the Mercat de la Boqueria. If you want to experience a market with a hustle and bustle equal to a small Indian one, go to Mercat de la Boqueria.You can quite literally lose yourself (and your travel company) within this great maze of the stall and small places to eat.  Apart from the hordes of tourists, you’ll find a wide range of fresh food ranging from charcuterie to fresh fish and meat. So if you fancy a foodie stop while walking on La Rambla, Mercat de la Boqueria is just the place for you!

Location: La Rambla (Metro exit: Liceu)

 The odd one out: Mercat de Galvany

 A change in architecture from your standard Barcelona market that is situated inside a steel construction, Mercat de Galvany is housed inside an immense but beautiful brick building that resembles a village hall or church. Picture the soft midday light falling through the stained-glass windows unto a market filled with high-quality products like spices and for those fresh fish lovers, sushi! This market is a real favourite with locals, so definitely go and have your lunch here to soak up the lovely atmosphere!

 Location: Sarrià-Sant Gervasi neighbourhood, Carrer de Santaló. (Metro exit: Diagonal)

 Having only touched upon the richness of the culture in Barcelona, I could easily write a full travel guide on places to go and see but these three restaurants should give you at least some guidance if you want to explore the diversity of Barcelona the foodie way!

Have you already been to Barcelona? If yes, please let me know your favourite places there, I’d love to get to know new ones!


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