Life is a roller coaster, sometimes high and sometimes low on notes, but no fun remains in life if the zeal factor is missing. Zeal, here I am not talking about enthusiasm but here I mean the motivational factor which keeps you lively and alive within yourself. I (Asha Singh Jhajhria) take you through my journey of climbing Mount Everest.

The passion to do something in life that keeps you connected to grounds and pushes you harder you achieve it.

Asha Singh

I have been the solo traveller and a mountaineer. So let me take you through my journey of climbing the highest peak in India, the Mount Everest.

I hail from a middle-class family with my husband working for the Haryana Police and have a daughter and a son who are in their teens. Currently, I’m preparing for my daughter for the upcoming 12th board exams. Hence, took a break from climbing.

My journey of climbing the Mount Everest hasn’t been easy. A few years back was diagnosed with slip disc which confined me to the bed for 3 months. It was a tough period where the society had various things to speak about my dream to climb. The words from the society made me leave no stone unturned. And that was it. I recovered quickly and was back on track working towards climbing the Everest. For me, money wasn’t something. I guess when the motivation levels are so high and the goal is set, finances are the least of the concerned and I continued to prepare for the climb.

I was all set for my climbing route and decided to climb from the China side. Started on 16th April and 16400 meters climb was my target. Set my first base camp after climbing 7100 meters, 7900 meters was the second and at 8300 meters was the third camp. Encountered some dead bodies on theist leg, which got me nervous, but stopping was not my thing.

asha singh rajasthan

Asha Singh Jhajhria

It took me approximately 40 days, to reach the peak. It was 22nd May at 4:05 am when the summit was established at 8848 meters.

In a scenario of climbing, where it’s advised to carry only the needed equipment’s and essentials, I took my kids toy (Teddy Bear)  along with me, clicked a photograph with them on reaching the peak, just for my their sake. It’s was such an emotional moment when mothers just go out of their comfort zones to fulfil their kid’s dream.

asha singh rajasthan

I just wanted to set a perfect example of women empowerment, proving that no matter what, life always gives you a chance to live your dream. All you need is a motivation.

My daughter’s stuff toy motivated me somewhere or the other to climb the Everest.

– Asha Singh Jhajhria

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