Travel is a dream for many but only a few get to live that dream, especially when it comes to women they are always found to be sacrificing their dreams, aspirations, and thoughts for the sake of their loved ones. But, now no more sacrifices we look for, here on Wanderer Girls strive to boost up the inner zeal of woman by bringing together the stories of different women who besides their hardships have worked on their dreams and have attained their goals of travelling, exploring the new world.


Wanderer Girls put the stories of various women to encourage, guide and advise them to explore their inner beauty of being themselves. Wanderer Girls share the extraordinary breath-taking experiences of various females who fight their hardships and wander various their dream places.


As the name in itself speaks a lot, but still, it’s a gateway to let woman wander the places wherever she wants, wonder and understand her inner beauty. Women has the beauty within her, the only thing to do is to take time and explore that and here on this platform we stand to boost them and appreciate their adventurous journey as we believe women are the one who can change whole world round.


So via this platform, we want people around us to know the capability and the hidden talent among all the women who might be one of your neighbours too.Connect with us and share more and more of your experiences and who knows which story and how it inspires somebody to make a route for their adventure journey.

Females are welcomed to share their experiences.

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Meet our team

Alone we can do little, together we can do much. We are not a team because we work together, we are a team because we respect and care for each other.
Dessy Rum Bulgaria

Dessy Rumenova


Bulgarian wanderer in love with photography. I lived in Spain for many years, currently in Moscow and soon moving to Australia.58 countries explored and counting.

Faye Martinez Philippines

Faye Martinez


I am a 21-year-old passionate story teller with a drive for spontaneous adventures and a gung-ho wanderer living in the Philippines.

Astrid Strybol

Astrid Strybol


I am Astrid. India lover and social media wiz kid working in marketing. Whenever i get the chance, I'm off to travel. I love to experience countries the local way.


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